An API server for the Sufferfest
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$ cnpm install sufferfest-api 
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Node API to support Sufferfest applications.

Quick Start

NOTE: This project uses yarn instead of npm. All setup commands should reflect this.

To start the application in development mode, ensure that your node version is 10.X.X and you have the .env file located in the root of the projects directory. The .env file can be found in the company's 1Password vault.

Install dependencies


Run the dev server

  yarn start-dev

Or if you're using Windows

    npm run start-dev

Extended Documentation

Before beginning development, please review this project's extended documentation on Confluence. This is a living document which describes the overall architecture and intent of the project.


For a list of available scripts, please refer to package.json.

Notes for getting setup on windows

  1. Install NVM from here:
  2. Configure your NVM to use node 10.2.1 32-bit. The 32-bit version is used to facilitate a single version of the app for both platforms.
nvm install 10.2.1 32
nvm use 10.2.1
  1. Install git for windows.
  2. Set your script shell to use git bash. If you do not do this the start scripts will not work.
npm config set script-shell "C:\\Program Files\\git\\bin\\bash.exe"
  1. Install the vs build tools.
npm install --global windows-build-tools

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