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A library / CLI to download subtitles for movies and series.

How to install

  • Install Node.js
  • Run npm install -g subz-hero

How to run

subz-hero FILE [FILE]...

For example:

subz-hero Interstellar.mkv

will download subtitles and create a file.

How to add a 'Download subtitles' entry in Windows context menu

If you want to be able to download subtitles with a simple right click on a file:

  • open regedit.exe
  • expand HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT/SystemFileAssociations
  • for each video file extension (mkv, avi, mp4, etc.), you need to add a key, as follows: for instance for mkv files, go to .mkv, create the Shell sub-folder if it is not present, right-click on Shell > New > Key, call it 'Download subtitles'. Then, similarly create a new key under the 'Download subtitles' folder called 'command', double click on default value and in its data, write: subz-hero "%L"

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