Convenience utility for a quick styling workflow.
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stylr is a convenience utility for getting my styling workflow up and running quickly without much added complexity. It's a very simple utility that encapsulates my most common styling workflow, allowing me to keep the base application from exploding with dependencies unrelated to its domain.


I found myself using a similar pattern to compile styles on all my projects, and I wanted a quicker way to get up and running while getting as many boilerplate dependencies as possible out of the individual project's package.json. I like the idea of small, UNIX-like tools and am experimenting with how I might be able to create specific and simple utilities that can be easily combined together.


Step 0: Install

npm install -g stylr

Step 1: Prepare Your Styles

stylr expects to receive a .styl manifest file.

If desired, you can @require any combination of the following libraries in the manifest (or stylesheets it includes):

  • jeet
  • nib
  • typographic

Step 2: Stylize

From the command line, run stylr [source] [destination], where [source] is the path to your manifest file and destination is the path to your desired CSS file. Paths can be absolute or relative.

Example: stylr ui/ui.styl build/css/ui.css

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