Toolkit for students
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$ cnpm install student-toolkit 
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Toolkit for students.



$ npm install -g student-toolkit

Important: if you have problems due to puppeteer installation, try:

$ npm install -g student-toolkit --unsafe-perm=true


  • To start taking notes fastly for any kind of project with:
    • Rich documents in markdown with bookmator
    • Complex diagrams in mermaid
    • Complex diagrams in plantuml
    • Simple diagrams in skemator
    • Simple UMLs in contratos
    • Scientific documents with LaTeX

With bookmator you can create big markdown documents with filesystem files and folders.

With skemator you can create highly readable (simple) diagrams.

With mermaid you can create a wider set of types of diagrams.

With plantuml you can create intensive UML documents.

With contratos you can create highly readable programming contract specifications effortlessly.

With latex you can create first-level scientific and technical documents.

Moreover, when you start working with the toolkit, it will update the contents automatically, so you can fastly see the results.

However, this tool is not to edit or visualize any of these documents: use a specialized editor to do this instead, like Atom or Sublime.


If you want this tool to fully work, the only external dependency you need is pdflatex available from command line.

To install pdflatex in Linux environments, you can:

$ sudo apt install texlive-latex-base

To install pdflatex in Windows, I do not know, here a user says something.


  1. Create a new project.
  2. Start the project. Once you start, all the changes made will be automatically compiled.

You can also compile manually a project.



1. Create a project

$ student create new-project

2. Compile a project

$ student compile new-project

3. Start a project

$ student start new-project


1. Create a project

require("student-toolkit").create({ directory: "new-project" });

2. Compile a project

require("student-toolkit").compile({ directory: "new-project" });

3. Start a project

require("student-toolkit").start({ directory: "new-project" });

Language training


This project is released under WTFPL (or What The Fuck Public License), which means basically do what the fuck you want with it, simply.


Please, address your issues here.

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