This is a (temporary) tool that does various useful statebox things.
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$ cnpm install stbx 
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Statebox Commandline Tool

This is a (temporary) tool that is supposed to do various useful thingss.

  • Encode & decode transactions
  • Convert file formats
  • Compute hashes
  • Communicate with the API
  • Create EC keypairs
  • Sign transactions & Verify signatures


Can install tool locally or globally (-g) or run once using npx.

npm i stbx # install locally
npm i -g stbx # or install globally
npx stbx -V # or run once using npx


See node stbx-cli.js --help

Usage: stbx-cli [options] [command]

  -V, --version  output the version number
  -h, --help     output usage information

  codec          work with transactions
  help [cmd]     display help for [cmd]

codec: Transaction Encoding & Decoding

When you type stbx codec --help you get this:

Usage: stbx-codec [options]

  -V, --version            output the version number
  -e, --encode             Encode message
  -d, --decode             Decode message
  -i, --input [filename]   File to read data from
  -o, --output [filename]  File to write transaction to
  -f, --force              Force file overwrite
  -h, --help               output usage information


$ echo '{"previous":"deadc0de","firing":{"execution":"beefbabe","path":[0]}}' > file
$ cat file | stbx codec --encode
$ echo "0a04deadc0de12080a04beefbabe1000" | stbx codec --decode
echo 0a04deadbeef1a420a2b0a0161100010011000100110001002100010021000100310001003100010001a01781a01791a017a1a0177120f0a017a10011801180222017322017418001800 | stbx codec --decode

hash: Compute Hashes

Computes hashes, pass a hexadecimal string via stdin or using a file (with -i).

$ echo 'feedc0de' | stbx hash                                     fafec8b68b40c948930d7e4f7263a1b8e9bbd543ec37d0f7b3403b6fd6066737fb75b56ac43290b9d8c1191882fc2f0c055eb06f6155c4a462c4f61d71b92e7e

convert: Conversion from GreatSPN

Convert PNPRO to statebox petrinet representation.

Usage: stbx-cli-convert [options]

  -V, --version            output the version number
  -i, --input [filename]   File to read input from
  -o, --output [filename]  File to write output to
  -F, --force              Force file overwrite
  -l, --list               List available pages (Petri nets) in PNPRO project file.
  -1, --one [name]         Extract single net by name.
  -a, --all                Extract all nets as a dictionary.
  -f, --format [format]    Specify output format: `nll` or `nbpt`.
  -h, --help               output usage information

The output format is specified with --format and is either either:

  • nbpt ~ Nano-Bipartite Graph
  • nll ~ Number List List


# list all nets
stbx convert -i myProject.pnpro --list 

# pick one and output as NBPT
stbx convert -i myProject.pnpro --one "name" --format=nbpt
# convert all and write to `myProject.nets` as NLL
stbx convert -i myProject.pnpro --all -o myProject.nets

If you convert with --all, the output format is a JSON dictionary of either nbpt or nll object, indexed by page title.

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