GraphQL Server with an example Star Wars schema
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$ cnpm install starwars-test-graphql-server 
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Star Wars testing server

npm install starwars-test-graphql-server and npm starwars-test-graphql-server gets you a testing server on port process.env.PORT || 8080. The base data can be found in data.json and the schema in schema.graphql. Use for validating your graphql clients, writing example apps, etc.

This is mostly unchanged from it's upstream counterpart, I just wanted it bundled and published as a module with the data and schema decoupled.

Example server details:

This is a really simple GraphQL server that uses Apollo Server and GraphQL Tools to serve the Star Wars example schema from


Clone the repository and run npm install

git clone
cd starwars-server
npm install

Starting the server

npm start

The server will run on port 8080. You can change this by editing server.js.

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