A tool to generate a starter changelog file
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$ cnpm install start-a-changelog -g
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Start a Changelog JS

NOTE: it looks like there's a more full-featured version of this concept at

An npx-able way to get a copy of the changelog from . It's especially helpful when starting up a new project and you don't want to leave your CLI.


You could install it, but you'll probably just want to:

$ npx start-a-changelog >

To install (note this package has no dependencies other than node/npm)

$ npm i -g start-a-changelog


  1. starting a detailed changelog is very nice for your users
  2. You can npx it or install it globally (it has no dependencies)


This of course would not be possible without the work of many people on , espeically Olivier Lacan

The idea for this package was inspired directly by lice-js, written by Daniel Haight

Please note, I am not affiliated with either of the above projects.



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