Koa middleware for Bunyan stream to Stackdriver Logging
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$ cnpm install stackdriver-logging-bunyan-koa 
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This module provides an Koa middleware for working with Stackdriver Logging, compatible with Bunyan.

The implementation is adopted from the exsting express middleware implementation in nodejs-logging-bunyan module.

For general documentation on bunyan logging to Stackdriver please refer to the nodejs-logging-bunyan module.


Installing the client library

npm install stackdriver-logging-bunyan-koa

Using the koa middleware

We provide a middleware that can be used in an koa application. Apart from being easy to use, this enables some more powerful features of Stackdriver Logging: request bundling. Any application logs emitted on behalf of a specific request will be shown nested inside the request log.

The middleware adds a bunyan-style log function to the ctx object. You can use this wherever you have access to the ctx object. All log entries that are made on behalf of a specific request are shown bundled together in the Stackdriver Logging UI.

const lb = require('stackdriver-logging-bunyan-koa');

// Import koa module and create an http server.
const koa = require('koa');

async function startServer() {
  const {logger, mw} = await lb.koa.middleware();
  const app = koa();

  // Install the logging middleware. This ensures that a Bunyan-style `log`
  // function is available on the `context` object. Attach this as one of the
  // earliest middleware to make sure that log function is available in all the
  // subsequent middleware and routes.

  // Setup an http route and a route handler.
  app.use(async (ctx) => {
    // `ctx.log` can be used as a bunyan style log method. All logs generated
    // using `ctx.log` use the current request context. That is, all logs
    // corresponding to a specific request will be bundled in the Stackdriver
    // UI.'this is an info log message');
    ctx.body = 'hello world';

  // `logger` can be used as a global logger, one not correlated to any specific
  // request.{port: 8080}, 'bonjour');

  // Start listening on the http server.
  app.listen(8080, () => {
    console.log('http server listening on port 8080');



Contributions welcome!


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