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$ cnpm install sshi 
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Do you have to upload or download files, execute commands remotely?

  • sshi scp local.txt @remote:/path/to
  • sshi @remote du -h /tmp
  • sshi @my-site

Install sshi globally or within your project:

$ npm i -g sshi # or `npm i sshi --save-dev`

How it works?

It stores your input in the ~/.sshiconf file, each line is a record with name/endpoint separated by white-space, e.g.

admin -p 22022 -L 1025:localhost:1025

Just type sshi @admin to get connected, any additional arguments are sent as command through the SSH connection.

  • To add new endpoints sshi save name user@host [...]
  • To remove added endpoints sshi del name
  • To list all registered endpoints sshi ls

When the first argument is not an @endpoint placeholder, then command substitution is performed and executed, e.g.

$ sshi echo Your connection is: @my-site
# Your connection is:

Additional arguments after user@host are always saved, and also given to expanded commands.

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