network protocol layer for secure-scuttlebutt
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$ cnpm install ssb-minimal-pub-server 
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This is a friendly fork of ssb-server aimed at a minimal core useful for pubs.

This repo has the following changes compared to ssb-server:

  • ssb-links has been removed. This module not used in the core, instead mostly used by external applications usch as patchfoo, git-ssb and ssb-npm. If needed can be installed as a plugin.
  • Use ssb-legacy-conn instead of ssb-gossip.
  • Includes all the modules needed for peer-invites.

In all other respects it behaves the same as ssb-server, so it should be an easy replacement.

Furthermore this repo tries to stay as close to ssb-server as possible by merging in changes when new releases appear. This means that 15.0.1 is the same as ssb-server 15.0.1 expect the changes mentioned above.

15.1.0 is a bit special in this regard because of the added peer invites modules.


npm install -g ssb-minimal-pub-server

Upon installation it is recommended that you supply a device address which enables nodes to use your pub for peer-invites.


Please refer to the ssb-server documentation.



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