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$ cnpm install ssb-device-address 
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Announce a public address for yourself. Unlike old "pub" announcements, this you may not announce addresses for other feeds, only yourself.


Announce your address and availability. Availability is an estimate between 0 and 1 of the probability you'll be online at any given time. Availability helps peers prioritize connecting to you, if you are unsure set a lower value. Setting availability is mandatory.

For your pub:

sbot deviceAddress.announce --scope public --availability 1

You can also set the address manually:

sbot deviceAddress.announce --address <address> --availability 0.6

Alternatively, use a scope, and it will announce the address given by sbot getAddress <scope>

You can also encrypt the address announcement, if you do not want the whole world connecting to you.

sbot deviceAddress.announce --scope public --availability 0.3 --recps <id>

Note, you can use multiple recps by just having more --recps <id1> --recps <id2> --recps <id3> etc


getAddress (id, cb)

Return the public address for id, if one has been posted.

announce({address: addr?, availability:0-1}, cb)

Post the current address. If you pass addr, validate and post the value of addr. Must pass availability as a value between 0 and 1 inclusive.

If callback cb is passed, the public address from getAddress will be passed to your callback. In case of an invalid address or availability value, error messages will be passed to your callback.

getState (cb)

return all currently known addresses, as a map from feed id to {address, availability}

  <id>: { address: <multiserver_address>, availability: 0-1 }



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