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$ cnpm install spike-util 
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Spike Util

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A grab bag of utilities for spike plugins

Note: This project is in early development, and versioning is a little different. Read this for more details.

Why should you care?

Spike uses webpack as its core compiler, but fundamentally behaves a bit differently from webpack, as it's a full static site compiler rather than a javascript bundler. As such, plugins for spike frequently need to make use of a couple specific utilities. In fact, each of these utilities are used in spike's core plugins.

If you are making a spike plugin, check out the documentation below, and one of these functions might be able to save you a bunch of code :grin:


npm install spike-util -S


All of the utilities require access to spike/webpack's options in order to work correctly. As such, the plugins are bundled in a class that must be initialized with the config.

const SpikeUtils = require('spike-util')

// webpack plugin apply function
apply (compiler) {
  const util = new SpikeUtils(compiler.options)

With it initialized, you can use any of the following functions:

  • util.addFilesAsWebpackEntries(compilation, files) - adds one or more files to webpack's pipeline so that it is processed without having to be require'd in an entry.
  • util.getSpikeOptions() - returns spike-specific options that are not easily accessed on the primary webpack config object
  • util.getOutputPath(path) - given a relative or absolute path to a file in a spike project, return it's output path relative to the project root.
  • util.removeAssets(compilation, files) - removes assets from webpack's pipeline so that they are not written as entries.
  • util.resolveRelativeSourcePath(path) - resolves a relative output path from a spike project to an absolute path to the source file.
  • util.isFileIgnored(file) - given a path to a file in a spike project, returns a boolean for whether the file is ignored or not.
  • util.runAll(compiler, cb) - run the given function when webpack's compiler initializes, bound to both the run and run-watch events.
  • util.pathsToRegex(paths) - given an array of file paths, builds a regex that will match only those paths
  • util.modifyOutputPath(file, outPath) - Given an absolute or relative (to the project root) path to a file that's being processed by spike, changes the output path to absolute or relative (recommended) path provided. Recommended to use in the emit plugin stage.

For more details on any given function, check out the source! I would never say this for any other library, but this is only one simple file, with fairly small functions that are extremely thoroughly documented, so I think it's worth jumping in.

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