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$ cnpm install spike-css-standards 
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Spike CSS Standards

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A standard plugin pack for postcss


npm install spike-css-standards -S


This is nothing more than a light wrapper around a postcss configuration object. Options are filtered into their appropriate plugins internally. All are optional.

const postcss = require('postcss')
const cssStandards = require('spike-css-standards')

const standards = cssStandards(/* options */)
// returns { parser: 'xxx', plugins: ['xxx'] }

  .process(/* css string */, { parser: standards.parser })
  .then((res) => { console.log(res.content) })

By default, the css standard plugin pack includes:

Any of these plugins can be customized by passing the options described below. You can also add additional postCSS plugins (like the popular lost grid, for example) on top of this package:

const cssStandards = require('spike-css-standards')
const lost = require('lost')

const css = cssStandards()


Name Description Default
root Root used to resolve path(s) from
path A path to a folder or an array of paths, telling postcss-import where to look for sss or css files to @import.
rucksack Options passed directly to rucksack
postcssImport Options passed to postcss-import
autoprefixer Options passed to autoprefixer
attributeCaseInsensitive Options passed to postcss-attribute-case-insensitive
calc Options passed to postcss-calc
colorFunction Options passed to postcss-color-function
colorGray Options passed to postcss-color-gray
colorHexAlpha Options passed to postcss-color-hex-alpha
colorHsl Options passed to postcss-color-hsl
colorHwb Options passed to postcss-color-hwb
colorRebeccapurple Options passed to postcss-color-rebeccapurple
colorRgb Options passed to postcss-color-rgb
customMedia Options passed to postcss-custom-media
customProperties Options passed to postcss-custom-properties
customSelectors Options passed to postcss-custom-selectors
fontFamilySystemUi Options passed to postcss-font-family-system-ui
fontVariant Options passed to postcss-font-variant
propertyLookup Options passed to postcss-property-lookup
imageSet Options passed to postcss-image-set-polyfill
mediaQueriesRange Options passed to postcss-media-minmax
nesting Options passed to postcss-nesting
pseudoClassAnyLink Options passed to postcss-pseudo-class-any-link
pseudoClassMatches Options passed to postcss-selector-matches
pseudoClassNot Options passed to postcss-selector-not
cssnano Options passed to cssnano
parser custom css parser if desired. pass false to use the default css parser sugarss
minify Minifies the css output by removing excess spaces and line breaks false
appendPlugins Adds a single plugin or array of plugins after all the defaults
prependPlugins Adds a single plugin or array of plugins before all the defaults

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