Basic recycle bin for Linux command line
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$ cnpm install soft-rm 
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This is abandonware. If you would like to have the npm package name soft-rm, please open an issue on the repository and I will give it to you.

soft-rm is a small wrapper around rm that does not remove files. It's like a recycle bin for the command line.


  • soft-rm file "soft-deletes" the given file.
  • soft-rm --restore file restores the given file, if possible.
  • soft-rm --flush file actually, irreversibly, for-real deletes a previously soft-deleted file.
  • soft-rm --restore-all restores all soft-deleted files.
  • soft-rm --flush-all actually, irreversibly, for-real deletes all previously soft-deleted files.

You can also add soft-rm --flush-all to your init scripts if you like.

Limitations (for now)

  • does not work across file systems
  • "trash" directory is not configurable
  • does not support most of the rm cli arguments (including useful stuff like -r)



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