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$ cnpm install slackdown 
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Slackdown is a simple javascript parser for translating messages from the API into html.

Basic formatting like bold, italic, underscore, fixed width and <> tags are supported. See TODO for unsupported formatting.

The parser is intended to be used when you want to display messages from on an html page. The parser can not translate message from html to slack format. The script is stand alone and does not use jQuery or any other frameworks (except for testing).

Formatting-rules are found here



In Browser:

<script src="slackdown.min.js"></script>

With Require.js:

define(['slackdown'], function(slackdown) {
    //Your code

With Node.js

var slackdown = require('slackdown');

Slackdown is not published as a npm package. Include by github reference.

  "dependencies": {
    "slackdown": "blockmar/slackdown"

Parsing text

var html = slackdown.parse("This is a text from <|Slack>");


Tests are runmed using QUnit. Open test/index.html in your browser. Dependencies are handled using Bower.


The minified version of Slackdown is created by a Grunt-task using uglify.


Known bugs

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