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$ cnpm install signal-event 
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Signal is a light ~700 Bytes Singleton instance of an Event bus. It works directly in the browser or has support for commonJS and amd modules.

Its Really tiny. Check it out here;



I got the concept of creating a unified event bus whilst reading this article. What if an app had multiple tech stacks, was there was a way to communicate between them?? This can be super useful for people migrating their stacks from one to another. A unified bus is one of the ways for microservices / micro apps to communicate with one another. Typically they follow a pub sub design pattern


Using npm

npm install signal-event

yarn add signal-event


signal-event exports a function which when invoked with a consturctor will generate the same instance every single time. Thereby keeping all your events at one place.

const Signal = require('signal-event');

const S1 = new Signal();

Register An Event handler

S1.on('foo', function(data) {
  console.log(`got data for event name foo`, data)

Register Multiple Event handlers

S1.on('foo', handlerFunction1);
S1.on('foo', handlerFunction2);
S1.on('foo', handlerFunction3);
S1.on('foo', handlerFunction4);

S1.emit('foo', { foo: 'bar' })

// This will get triggered in all the handlers;

Emit an Event

S1.emit('foo', { foo: 'bar' })

Remove an Event Hanlder

function beepEventHandler(data) {
  // do something with data

S1.on('beep', beepEventHandler);

S1.emit('beep', 'bloop');

S1.remove('beep', beepEventHandler);

* If you need to remove an event handler the function specified
 must have a name, annonymous arrow fn wont work
 S1.remove('beep', () => {}); will not work

Remove All event handlers for an event

S1.remove('beep', null, true);


  1. Add Event Listener
Signal.on(eventName, handlerFunction)
  1. Emit Event
Signal.emit(eventName, data)
  1. Remove Event Handler
Signal.remove(eventName, handlerFunction, removeAllHandlers)

#Dev Setup

yarn run test
yarn run cover


Liked the repo :star: it.

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