delta deployment command for sfdx
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$ cnpm install sfdxdelta 
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A cli plugin for the Salesforce CLI built by David Browaeys containing a lot of helpful commands.


  1. Install SDFX CLI

  2. Install node.js. + npm. Once installed, checkout proxy setting if you are behind corporate proxy.

Install Delta-CLI

  1. go to your local workspace and clone Delta-CLI repository
git clone https://github.com/davidbrowaeys/Delta.git
  1. Go to Delta-CLI folder and install it globally using npm:
cd delta-cli
sudo npm install -g .
sfdx dxb:source:delta -r delta -m tags -k mytag
sfdx dxb:source:delta -r delta -m commitid -k 123456
sfdx dxb:source:delta -r delta -m branch -k origin/master

Here is an example of how to use the delta command in a pipeline JenkinsFile

def jsonSlurper = new JsonSlurper();
bat "sfdx dxb:source:delta -m branch -k master --json -r > delta.json";
stdout = readFile("delta.json").trim();
def delta = jsonSlurper.parseText(stdout);
def options = "";
if (delta.testClasses != null && delta.testClasses.isEmpty() == false){
    options = "-l RunSpecifiedTest -r "+ delta.testClasses.join(',');
def cmd = "sfdx force:source:deploy -p "+delta.deltaMeta.join(',')+" -u prod -w 600 "+options;
bat cmd;

Another example using azure pipeline

- script: |
    cd "$(System.ArtifactsDirectory)/app"
    options=$(sfdx dxb:source:delta -m branch -k ${{parameters.compareWith}} -l ${{parameters.testlevel}})
    echo sfdx force:source:deploy $options -u $(Environment.Name) -l ${{parameters.testlevel}} -w 600
    sfdx force:source:deploy $options -u $(Environment.Name) -l ${{parameters.testlevel}} -w 600
  displayName: "sfdx deploy"

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