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$ cnpm install sfdx-djc-plugin 
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A plugin for the Salesforce CLI built by Dave Carroll and containing a few of helpful commands.


Install from source

  1. Install the SDFX CLI.

  2. Clone the repository: git clone git@github.com:wadewegner/sfdx-waw-plugin.git

  3. Install npm modules: npm install

  4. Link the plugin: sfdx plugins:link .

Install as plugin

  1. Install plugin: sfdx plugins:install sfdx-waw-plugin
$ npm install -g sfdx-djc-plugin
$ sfdx-djc-plugin COMMAND
running command...
$ sfdx-djc-plugin (-v|--version|version)
sfdx-djc-plugin/0.0.31 darwin-x64 node-v9.3.0
$ sfdx-djc-plugin --help [COMMAND]
  $ sfdx-djc-plugin COMMAND

sfdx-djc-plugin djc:data:export

This is a proof of concept of a entirely differenct way to extract data from an org to use as developer data for a scratch org. Just supply a list of SObject, standard or custom, and you should end up with a dataset and data plan that can be used with the official force:data:tree:import command

  $ sfdx-djc-plugin djc:data:export

  -e, --enforcereferences                         If present, missing child reference cause the record to be deleted,
                                                  otherwise, just the reference field is removed

  -m, --maxrecords=maxrecords                     [default: 10] Max number of records to return in any query

  -n, --planname=planname                         [default: new-plan] name of the data plan to produce, deflaults to

  -o, --objects=objects                           (required) Comma separated list of objects to fetch

  -p, --spiderreferences                          Include refereced SObjects determined by schema examination and
                                                  existing data

  -s, --savedescribes                             Save describe results (for diagnostics)

  -t, --targetdir=targetdir                       (required) target directoy to place results in

  -u, --targetusername=targetusername             username or alias for the target org; overrides default target org

  --apiversion=apiversion                         override the api version used for api requests made by this command

  --json                                          format output as json

  --loglevel=(trace|debug|info|warn|error|fatal)  logging level for this command invocation

  $ sfdx djc:data:export -o Account,Contact,Case,Opportunity -t data/exported -n my-testplan
  $ sfdx djc:data:export -o "Account, CustomObj__c, OtherCustomObj__c, Junction_Obj__c" - t data/exported

See code: src/commands/djc/data/export.ts

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