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$ cnpm install sequelize-encrypted 
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Encrypted fields for Sequelize ORM

var Sequelize = require('sequelize');
var EncryptedField = require('sequelize-encrypted');

// secret key should be 32 bytes hex encoded (64 characters)
var key = process.env.SECRET_KEY_HERE;

var enc_fields = EncryptedField(Sequelize, key);

var User = sequelize.define('user', {
    name: Sequelize.STRING,
    encrypted: enc_fields.vault('encrypted'),

    // encrypted virtual fields
    private_1: enc_fields.field('private_1'),

    // Optional second argument allows you
    // to pass in a validation configuration
    // as well as an optional return type
    private_2: enc_fields.field('private_2', {
      type: Sequelize.TEXT,
      validate: {
        isInt: true  
      defaultValue: null

var user =;
user.private_1 = 'test';

How it works

The safe returns a sequelize BLOB field configured with getters/setters for decrypting and encrypting data. Encrypted JSON encodes the value you set and then encrypts this value before storing in the database.

Additionally, there are .field methods which return sequelize VIRTUAL fields that provide access to specific fields in the encrypted vault. It is recommended that these are used to get/set values versus using the encrypted field directly.

When calling .vault or .field you must specify the field name. This cannot be auto-detected by the module.

Generating a key

By default, AES-SHA256-CBC is used to encrypt data. You should generate a random key that is 32 bytes.

openssl rand -hex 32

Do not save this key with the source code, ideally you should use an environment variable or other configuration injection to provide the key during app startup.


You might find it useful to override the default toJSON implementation for your model to omit the encrypted field or other sensitive fields.



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