Set of semantic-release plugins for publishing a Firefox extension release
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$ cnpm install semantic-release-firefox 
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A semantic-release plugin for you to be able to easily publish Firefox Extensions using it's automated release. Will update the version in the manifest, create a .xpi, zip your sources and submit everything for review, including semantic release notes.

Since Mozilla does not expose an API to do fully automated extension releases, runs a headless Chrome through Puppeteer to upload the files through the web form.



Verify the presence of the authentication (set via environment variables).


Write the correct version to the manifest.json and creates a xpi file of the whole dist folder.

  • xpiPath: Required, the filename of the xpi file.
  • distFolder: Required, the folder that will be zipped.
  • manifestPath: Optional, the path of the manifest inside the dist folder. Defaults to ${distFolder}/manifest.json.
  • sourcesGlob: Optional, a glob pattern of source files that will be zipped and submitted for review. Defaults to all files in the cwd (**)
  • sourcesGlobOptions: Optional, glob options passed to node-glob. Defaults to ignore node_modules, distFolder, xpiPath and sourcesArchivePath. You can use this for example if
    • you need to include dotfiles (set { dot: true })
    • if you need to include certain private packages from node_modules (set ignore: 'node_modules/!(privatepkg|privatepkg2)/**'). Make sure to still exclude sourcesArchivePath or the plugin may get stuck in an infinite loop trying to add the archive to itself!
  • sourcesArchivePath: Optional, the file path for the zip with the source files that will be created. Defaults to ./ Set this to null to not create a sources archive.


Uploads the generated xpi file, a zip of the sources and submits it together with release notes.

  • xpiPath: Required, the filename of the xpi file.
  • addOnSlug: Required, The URL slug of the extension, as in
  • sourcesArchivePath: Optional, the file path for the zip with the source code that will be uploaded. Defaults to ./ Set this to null to not upload a sources archive.
  • notesToReviewer: Optional, notes to the reviewer that will be submitted for every version. For example, you could link to the source code on GitHub.


Mozilla Add-On hub authentication

The following environment variables have to be made available in your CI environment: FIREFOX_EMAIL and FIREFOX_PASSWORD. It is recommended to create a bot account for them. The account must have 2FA disabled. Make sure the account accepted the terms & agreements by visiting the submit page once (otherwise the release will fail).

Release configs

Use semantic-release-chrome as part of verifyConditions, prepare and publish.

A basic config file example is available below:

  "verifyConditions": ["semantic-release-firefox", "@semantic-release/github"],
  "prepare": [
      "path": "semantic-release-firefox",
      "xpiPath": "my-extension.xpi",
      "distFolder": "dist"
  "publish": [
      "path": "semantic-release-firefox",
      "xpiPath": "my-extension.xpi",
      "addOnSlug": "my-extension"
      "path": "@semantic-release/github",
      "assets": [
          "path": "my-extension.xpi"


Tests for the publish plugin are running against a mock AMO server written with Express. Run them with npm test.

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