A system tray app for running Secure Scuttlebutt on your local system
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$ cnpm install scuttle-shell 
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Hermie The Crab

Scuttle Shell

This is a Secure Scuttlebutt system tray application. It provides an always-running sbot for your local system.


You must have Git and Node installed.

Install globally

$ npm install -g scuttle-shell

or if you cloned this repo (run from the repo folder itself):

$ npm install -g

You can run the app by executing scuttleshell on your terminal.

Using it programmatically

Right now, there is only one feature exported by the scuttle-shell module which is the ability to start a server. Example:

let scuttleshell = require("scuttle-shell")

console.log("Starting sbot, quitting after 30 seconds")

setTimeout(scuttleshell.stop, 30000)


This application is built with NodeJS. To set it up run:

$ npm install

This should set it up. If anything fails you can check your setup with


scuttle-shell supports mutliple ways to extend the sbot that it runs with pluigns (like ssb-chess-db or ssb-query).

First of all, it supports and loads the plugins that were installed by running sbot plugins.install .... These are stored under $HOME/.ssb/node_modules.

Additonally, you can either pass the file paths to the API constructor by adding a plugins field to the object you pass to .start(). Check out examples/launch_sbot_custom_plugin.js to see it in action.

Alternativly you can use the command-line flag of scuttleshell, named --extra-plugins. i.e. scuttleshell --extra-plugin path/to/plugin1 --extra-plugin path/to/plugin2. Please note that these are not installed or persisted, you need to take care of that.

If you don't want to store them in the $HOME/.ssb folder, there is also the option to create a scuttleshell.json file next to your custom scuttle-shell and set a plugins array inside it.

    'plugins': ['path/to/plug1','path/to/plug2','path/to/plug3']

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