Easy-peasy XML parsing built on sax-js.
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$ cnpm install sax-bastard 
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sax is too much work, and xml2js only works if you never have tags with the same name!

sax-bastard is based on sax-js, but returns a hierarchy of objects, each one having these properties:

  • name (string): the tag name
  • text (string): any text content of the element that is not part of the XML hierarchy
  • attributes (object): the object's properties are the attribute names, the values are the attribute values
  • children (array): an array containing all of the objects representing any child elements

To install:

npm install sax-bastard

To use:

var parse = require('sax-bastard')
var obj = parse(xml_string, function(err) {
	console.log("This is an error object, because an error happened apparently!")

If an error happens and no error callback is provided, the parse() function returns the error object instead of the thing you were hoping for.

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