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Vue Structure Logo

Vue Structure

An project boilerplate for Vue.js made for Vue CLI. Clean code structure to speed up your development time. No more wasting time for setting up Vue projects.


  • Router
  • Store (State Management)
  • Directives folder (with globals file)
  • Filters folder (with globals file)
  • Mixins folder (with globals file)
  • Views folder (with "404 Error Page")
  • Asset folder for: fonts, icons, images and SCSS files.


Getting Started

How to install Vue CLI

1. Clone

git clone my-project

2. Enter your new project folder

cd my-project

3. Install dependencies

# or
npm install

4. Start dev server

yarn serve
# or
npm run serve

For building

yarn build

Run your tests

yarn test

Lints and fixes files

yarn lint

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