Sandpaper is a commandline tool that's used to smooth out the rough edges when coding websites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
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What is Sandpaper

  • Sandpaper is a commandline tool that's used to smooth out the rough edges when coding websites using HTML, CSS, and Javascript.
  • Heavily inspired by XO, Sandpaper is a build system wrapper. It originally started as a gulpfile, and has been updated to use the commandline.

Primary Project Goals

  • Provide tools to help developers avoid common errors in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Improve maintainability of code produced by developers.
  • Improve performance of webpages.
  • Automate common development tasks.

How Sandpaper helps achive these goals

  • sandpaper --lint can be used to check for syntax errors, style erorrs, and other common problems in html, css, and javascript. Add the --watch flag to perform linting on every file save.
  • sandpaper --lint --strict is used to check for code style problems, keeping code consistantly readable accross different developers.
  • sandpeper --build uses minification to reduce the size of html, css, javascript, and imagemin to optimize images.
  • sandpaper --sync watches files for changes, and automatically builds and reloads a webserver with your site.


npm install sandpaper -g


  1. Create and edit all your .html, .css, and .js files inside a folder named src.
  2. Open command prompt above the src forlder, for instance, if you have C:\\SomeProject\src open command prompt in the C:\\SomeProject folder.
  3. Run the sandpaper command with your desired flags. all available flags are listed under [flags]


--lint Check code for errors.

--build Optimize code and save to /dev or /dist (if --production is specified.)

--sync Start browser syncronized server, compiles code on change.

--strict Lint codding style in addition to errors.

--fix fixes coding style issues, such as tabs/spaces, indentation, and css property order.

--watch Remain running, re-lint or re-build whenever a file is changed.

--prod Build for production, Don't include sourcemaps and minify code.

Sandpaper wouldn't be possible without these great open-source libraries

Libraries used for linting

if --strict flag is not specified

if --strict flag is specified

Libraries used for building


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