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$ cnpm install rygr-util 
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Rygr Util

Set of utilities to be used in Rygr Projects



Config allows a user to read in objects from a variety of files, merge configruations, and specify properties based on the environment. Configurations come back as a single object, with keys corresponding to the basename of the matched file, and the values a nested merge of the files contents.


{config} = require 'rygr-util'

or in JavaScript

config = require('rygr-util').config


{config} = require 'rygr-util
config.initialize (globs..., [options])

Config takes the following arguments:

  • Glob query|queries Array<String>|String (required) A series of glob queries (complex array queries are supported via glob-all). If the argument is an array, the order in which the queries are passed in will be the order in which they configs override each other when the contents of the files are merged.
  • Options Object (optional) An object to change default behavior of the method


Any of these defaults can be overriden by passing in a value to options

  • env (process.env.NODE_ENV or 'development') The current environment. This is used to pick configurations that are conditionalized by environment.
  • freeze (true) Whether or not to use a deep version of Object.freeze on the final configurations
  • inMemory (true) Whether to augment the config object in memory or return a new object. If inMemory is true, running {config} = require rygr-util will return the already populated configuration object in the future.
  • cwd (process.cwd()) The working directory to use when matching the glob queries
  • root (path.resolve options.cwd, '/') The root directory to use when matching the glob queries

Simple Usage

With the following files:


  "name": "foo"


  "name": "bar"

Calling the initialize method and passing in a glob query:

{config} = require 'rygr-util'
config.initialize 'config/**.json'

console.log config
# foo:
#   name: 'foo'
# bar
#   name: 'bar'

Complex Useage

It is possible to also provide overrides for files and merge from many different queries. The order in which glob strings are declared in the queries parameter are the order of prescendence when the values from same-name files are merged.

Add a third file, named /srv/foo.json:


  "name": "top foo",
  "status": "active",
  "environments": {
    "test": {
      "status": "testing"

Config will merge the values from the various files together, and pick specific attributes based on the environment as follows:

{config} = require 'rygr-util'
config.initialize ['config/*.json', '/srv/config/*.json'], env: 'test'

console.log config
# foo:
#   name: 'foo'
#   status: 'testing'
# bar:
#   name: 'bar'

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