> Efficient task automation platform for web developers
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$ cnpm install runup 
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Efficient task automation platform for web developers

Runup is a task automation platform specific for front-end web application development with a strong focus on performance. Not being general purpose is a very conscious choice because it allows for more optimization and more useful features for this specific use case.


  • Separation of development and build concerns: optimized for fast feedback during development and high quality during build.
  • Define tasks in flows, a powerful and flexible extension mechanism using standard Node.js files.
  • No need for countless runup-* plugins to glue things together, in stead writing your own flows and integrating directly with existing tools is easy.
  • Assets are processed on demand when your browser requests them and are never saved to disk. Unchanged assets are cached in memory.
  • Includes all essential infrastructure you need, working out of the box:
    • Integrated web server
    • Integrated source file watcher
    • Live browser refresh
    • Asset hashing for cache busting
  • Lightweight: efficient architecture with carefully chosen and minimal dependencies; starts in around half a second.


The wiki contains full documentation and a tutorial.


$ npm install --saveDev runup

You can add --global to install the "binary" globally, but it's usually not necessary as Runup can be easily setup through NPM scripts.


The best way is via NPM scripts:

// package.json
  "scripts": {
    "dev": "runup",
    "build": "runup build"

Then run one of:

$ npm run dev
$ npm run build
  • dev starts Runup in development mode.
  • build makes a release build.

You can off course also use the CLI directly:

$ [./node_modules/.bin/]runup [build] 

(The node_modules prefix is not needed with a --global install.)

Finally, you can also use the API.

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