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hotfix::finish (Git Flow Finish)



Finish step execute main functionality of finish action Runas GitFlow methology.

"merge" Strategy

With this strategy the step try to merge targetBranch into actualBranch. if is OK try to delete actualBranch. Branch to delete is emmit as deletedBranch.

If any there is any conflict stop de execution until this conflict were solved.

"pullRequest" Strategy

first try to merge locally target branch with yours and then shows this message:

IMPORTANT: Make sure your changes have been pushed before make the pullRequest manually.

********************************** READ THIS **********************************

     Create a Pull Request manually and wait for resolution by responsible


Note: you can change the finish strategy of any repository by adding a .runas/runas.json file like this in your repository:

  "params" : {
    "strategy" : "pullRequest"


  • --strategy: String, default: merge, possibles (merge/pullRequest), establish merge strategy of the process.
  • --finishTargets: [Object], default see next section

finishTargets - configuration

By default is:

  "finishTargets": {
    "merger" : "develop",
    "feature" : "develop",
    "release" : "master",
    "hotfix" : "master"

"release" : "master",  -> ${actualBranch} : ${targetBranch},
  • actualBranch: Is the name of the actual branch.
  • targetBranch: Is the name of the target branch that is going to be merged



git fetch -p & git pull


git branch --unset-upstream git checkout ${targetBranch} git pull git merge ${actualBranch} git branch -d ${actualBranch}


Emit the name of the branch that is needed to be deleted.

actualBranch -> deletedBranch


  • runas-plugin-scm-git

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