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Make sure that node and yarn are installed on your machine. The minimum versions for each are listed in package.json.

To develop this module, run it as a Deck dependency using either yalc (recommended) or npm link.


Globally install yalc.

From the root of this repository, run

yalc publish

From the root of the main Deck repository, run

yalc add @spinnaker/kayenta
yarn start

As you make additional changes in this repository, run

yalc publish --push

npm link

From the root of this repository, run

npm link

From the root of the main Deck repository, run

npm link @spinnaker/kayenta

You should only have to run these commands once.

Next, run WATCH=true yarn lib at the root of this repository. In a separate terminal, run yarn start at the root of the main Deck repository.

Environment Variables

deck-kayenta uses feature and development flags. These are fully configurable within settings.js, but it is usually easier to pass the flags as environment variables.

These are good defaults:

API_HOST=http://localhost:8084 \
METRIC_STORE=stackdriver \
yarn start

Publishing @spinnaker/kayenta

This module is published as an NPM package.

  • Create a pull request that increments package.json's patch version - e.g., to 0.0.57.
  • Once the pull request has been merged, publish a release using the same tag as package.json's version, e.g., v0.0.57. @spinnaker/kayenta will be automatically published to NPM.

Once @spinnaker/kayenta has been published, it's likely that you'll want to update the main Deck repository: to do so, run yarn add @spinnaker/kayenta@latest in the main Deck repository, then open a pull request.


To run deck-kayenta's tests, run yarn test.

To run deck-kayenta's tests and generate a code coverage report, run yarn test-coverage. Open /coverage/html/index.html in a browser to view the HTML version of the report.

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