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Open source of set of angular directives and services.


This covers any basic ng-'some-event' directive but it is used in a different way without any binding/watches. This is very handy for speedy ng-repeat when you do not need to make a list watch everything. However, this does mean that you are responsible for refreshing the view if the data changes.

The same: ng-click ~ rmaps-click ng-mousenter ~ rmaps-mouseenter

all point to handles on your controller scope.

The different: rmaps-value-name-{eventname}

This attribute is where you define what scope property is being sent to the callback.



  <div ng-repeat="result in results" rmaps-click="someClickHandle" rmaps-value-name-click="result">


//your normal controller setup
  $scope.someClickHandle = function(result){

##ngOnEvents This is for getting callback events (load,error) from a element. The attribute you set rmaps-on-error or load to evaluates the expression to a callback.


<div rmaps-on-load="onLoadInCtrl"></div>

##rmapsPostRepeat This directive is for reporting timings of ng-repeat load times. Use:

<div ng-repeat="r in results" rmaps-post-repeat options="perfRepeatOptions"></div>

The options is mainly there so that you can override the default behavior of resting the the timer on a ng-repeat completion. This is convenient for thing like infinite scroll.

ctrl = function($scope){
  $scope.resultsRepeatPerf = {
    //called on initialization
    init: function (postRepeat, scope){
      //a way to get to the postRepeat object and or modify its timer
    doDeleteLastTime: false

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