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requestIdleCallback is awesome. I want to use it in my projects and install it from npm.

I was going to write a shim that would fallback to a simple setTimeout only to find that the awesome Paul Lewis had already done this.

But in addition to shimming it for browser use, I also wanted it to not break code if used from within node.js (falls back to setTimeout).

So... here we are.

I simply wrapped/published it for compatibility with npm-based frontend projects and changed it to not blow up if used in a node environment where window obviously won't be defined. Instead it simply checks to see if requestIdleCallback exists and uses it if it's there.

I didn't even write any tests!?!! The audacity! Yeah, I know. Deal with it. Or don't and use something else.

All credit for the actual fallback code goes to Paul Lewis. The original license is retained in a NOTICE file in my best efforts to comply with the original licensing. If I'm doing this wrong, just tell me and please love me despite my many flaws.


npm install ric-shim


import requestIdleCallback from 'ric-shim'

requestIdleCallback(() => {
  // do your thang!

Or if you're not into the fancy-pants ES6+ modules thing:

var requestIdleCallback = require('ric-shim')

requestIdleCallback(function () {
  // do your thang!

what about cancelling?

Yeah, you probably won't need it, but in case you do that's exported too, as a property of the main export:

import requestIdleCallback, { cancelIdleCallback } from 'ric-shim'

// do a thing!
const id = requestIdleCallback(doSomething)

// just kidding, nevermind

Or node-style:

var requestIdleCallback = require('ric-shim')
var cancel = requestIdleCallback.cancelIdleCallback

// do a thing!
var id = requestIdleCallback(doSomething)

// just kidding, nevermind


If you like this sort of stuff and think there may be something to this whole "web thing" you may want to follow @HenrikJoreteg on twitter. Or you may not. That's ok too.



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