a machine learning cellular automata companion library for olivaw
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$ cnpm install reventlov 
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Genetically evolve your cellular automata one cell at a time.

This is a partner package to olivaw


var reventlov = require('reventlov')

var automaton = reventlov({
  rule: 110,
  population: 101,
  life: 500,
  generation: 20

// returns an end rule, or the rule that was completed by the end
var evolution = automaton.evolve()

automaton = reventlov(opts)

Create a new instance of reventlov by providing options. All four options are required:

  • opts.rule: one of 256 rules for the automata to follow
  • opts.population: the population size, or the number of cells you want to work with
  • life span of an automata instance, or the number of years it will run for
  • opts.generation: the number of generations you want to evolve your automata for. Usually, more 'time' for evolution yields better results.


Runs through the specified number of generations and evolves automata as it goes. Returns the last rule that reventlov achieved at the end of the specified number of generations.


npm install reventlov

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