a through stream that starts paused and resumes on the next tick
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$ cnpm install resumer 
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Return a through stream that starts out paused and resumes on the next tick, unless somebody called .pause().

This module has the same signature as through.

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var resumer = require('resumer');
var s = createStream();

function createStream () {
    var stream = resumer();
    stream.queue('beep boop\n');
    return stream;
$ node example/resume.js
beep boop


var resumer = require('resumer')

resumer(write, end)

Return a new through stream from write and end, which default to pass-through .queue() functions if not specified.

The stream starts out paused and will be resumed on the next tick unless you call .pause() first.

write and end get passed directly through to through.


With npm do:

npm install resumer



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