This is the sample project that belongs to the [React & Apollo Tutorial]( on How to GraphQL.
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React & Apollo Tutorial

This is the sample project that belongs to the React & Apollo Tutorial on How to GraphQL.

Running the App

1. Clone repository

git clone
cd react-apollo

2. Create GraphQL API with graphcool

If you haven't already, install the Graphcool CLI:

# Install Graphcool CLI
npm install -g graphcool

Once it's installed, you can deploy the Graphcool service based on the existing definition inside the server directory:

cd server
yarn install
graphcool deploy

When prompted which cluster you want to deploy to, choose any of the Shared Clusters options (shared-eu-west-1, shared-ap-northeast-1 or shared-us-west-2).

3. Connect the app with your GraphQL API

Paste the service ID (which you find in the generated .graphcoolrc file inside the server directory or by running graphcool info) into ./src/index.js replacing the current placeholder __SERVICE_ID__.

5. Install dependencies & run locally

cd ..
yarn install
yarn start # open http://localhost:3000 in your browser

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