inject a global variable into a module require() tree
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$ cnpm install require-with-global 
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inject a global variable into a module require() tree

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npm install require-with-global


var withGlobal = require('require-with-global')
var uppercaseStream = require('through2')(function (chunk, enc, next) {
  next(null, chunk.toUpperCase())
var virtualConsole = require('console').Console(uppercaseStream)
var r = withGlobal()
// `console` in ./app.js and all child modules will be `virtualConsole`.
var app = r('./app', {
  console: virtualConsole


r.remove() // Remove the require hook


req = withGlobal()

Create a require function that can be used to inject module-global variables.

req(specifier, vars)

Require the module at specifier, injecting vars into all its deeply required modules. All the variables specified in the vars object will be available in modules required using the req function. Calls to require() inside the module will be wrapped so that vars are also recursively injected in dependencies of the module.


Remove the compile hooks and global state that withGlobal uses to inject variables into modules.

Note that globals that were already injected will continue to work; it's perfectly safe to call req.remove() immediately after requiring some modules, if you are certain that there are no lazy require() calls left.



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