Rendezvous points on the DHT where two authenticated peers can leave data
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$ cnpm install rendezvous-point 
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Rendezvous points on the DHT where two authenticated peers can leave data

Data could be eg. a ip:port pair


var rendezvous = require('rendezvous-point')

var keypairA = {publicKey: Buffer.from('...'), secretKey: Buffer.from('...')}
var peerA = rendezvous(dht, keypairA)

var keypairB = {publicKey: Buffer.from('...'), secretKey: Buffer.from('...')}
var peerB = rendezvous(dht, keypairB)

// Leave a message for peerB on the DHT
peerA.write(keypairB.publicKey, Buffer.from('Hello B!'), function (err) {
  if (err) throw err, function (err, message) {
    if (err) throw err

    console.log(message.equal(Buffer.from('Hello B!')))


var peer = rendezvous(dht, keypair)

Create a rendezvous instance for bittorrent-dht instance and a given libsodium X25519 key pair, eg. generated with crypto_kx_keypair

peer.write(recepientPublicKey, buf, cb)

Write a message buf at the rendezvous point between keypair and recepientPublicKey, calling cb(err, hash) with any error or the resulting hash key in the DHT., cb)

Read any message at the rendezvous point between keypair and senderPublicKey, calling cb(err, messageObj) with any error or the message left in the DHT with the DHT result object


The rendezvous point is a public key generated from a seed, where the seed is the shared secret from a Diffie-Hellman key exchange between two peers. This means that either side can leave messages in the DHT at the rendezvous point, because both can generate the same key pair. The rendezvous point can therefore be seen as a shared mailbox between the two peers. A future extension may be to leave messages encrypted to the other party, so messages are only readable by the other party and no one else who happens upon the rendezvous point (eg. an adverse DHT node).


npm install rendezvous-point



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