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$ cnpm install remotedebug-gateway 
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A gateway for RemoteDebug (Chrome Remote Debugging) connections, that allows you to connect a client to multiple browsers at once.



  • Chrome HTTP endpoint /json for compatbility with Chrome DevTools app.
  • Builds unified list of debuggable targets across connected browsers
  • Ability to hijack and incepter requests/responses via plugin architecture
    • Plugin: Enable screencasting for Chrome desktop.
    • Plugin: Realtime visual regression testing.
    • Keeps track of node ids from servers, and matches requests to the correct node of connected servers

Plugin: Visual regression


  1. npm install remotedebug-gateway -g


  1. rd-gateway <url> -b <browsers ala rd-gateway -b canary,opera
  2. The browsers should now open with the URL
  3. Copy paste the DevTools URL into a Chrome window that has been outputted the console.
  4. Party!

NOTICE: This project is highly experimental, and shouldn't be used in ANY production-like environment, as there's absolutely no security or privacy.

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