Remote ABAP compilation
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$ cnpm install remote-abap-compiler-cli 
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This is the command line utility for a remote ABAP compiler. The corresponding library is contained in another node.js project remote-abap-compiler.


The compiler works by calling ABAP in Eclipse APIs (http requests) on a remote ABAP system. For this purpose, temporary classes are generated and deleted. The source code given by the user is inserted into the "Local types" include of a generated ABAP class.

Prerequsite: The source code of the user must have a class called "MAIN" with a main method, called "RUN", which imports a parameter of type REF TO IF_OO_ADT_CLASSRUN_OUT. Via this parameter, the user can output information to the console.

If the compilation succeeds, the class is executed and the output is given. If the compilation fails, the syntax errors are returned.

Basic ABAP template

class main definition.
  public section.
    methods run importing out type ref to if_oo_adt_classrun_out.

class main implementation.
  method run.
    out->write( 'Hello World' ).

Building the project

Please have node.js installed (with npm). As editor, Visual Studio Code is recommended.

The install the prerequisites, type the following in the checked-out repo folder:

npm install

To build the whole project and install the executable in a shared location, type:

npm link

Command line invokation

abapc compile -u https://url_of_abap_server:port -n user_name -c client file.abap

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