remark plugin to manage links
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$ cnpm install remark-bookmarks 
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remark plugin to manage links.



npm install remark-bookmarks


Say we have the following file,

`remark-bookmarks` is on [npm][]!

And our script, example.js, looks as follows:

const vfile = require('to-vfile')
const remark = require('remark')
const bookmarks = require('remark-bookmarks')

  .use(bookmarks, {
    bookmarks: {
      github: '',
      npm: ''
  .process(vfile.readSync(''), function(err, file) {
    if (err) throw err

Now, running node example yields:

`remark-bookmarks` is on [npm][]!



remark().use(bookmarks[, options])

Manage links.


The URLs to share across Markdown documents (Object.<string>). References are case insensitive.


Pass overwrite: true to ensure that references are used consistently. By default (false), the existing references in the file will take precedence over anything defined globally.


options.bookmarks is used and injected into the tree as definitions when the content references them. This could open you up to a cross-site scripting (XSS) attack if you pass user provided content as bookmarks.

This may become a problem if the Markdown later transformed to rehype (hast) or opened in an unsafe Markdown viewer.


  • remark-inline-links — Transform references and definitions into normal links and images
  • remark-defsplit — Transform links and images into references and definitions with URI-based identifiers
  • remark-reference-links — Transform links and images into references and definitions
  • remark-unlink — Remove all links, references and definitions


See in remarkjs/.github for ways to get started. See for ways to get help.

This project has a code of conduct. By interacting with this repository, organization, or community you agree to abide by its terms.


MIT © Ben Briggs

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