dependency injection for node and the browser (AMD)
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$ cnpm install relief 
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Dependency injection for RequireJS.


define( [ 'path/to/relief' ], function( relief ) {
  var loader = relief()

relief( [,requireObject] [,contextName])

Returns a new Relief object, with window.require as its loader if no params are passed.

If you don't expose a global require function or have moved it elsewhere, pass the require Object as the first parameter.

If you pass a contextName parameter, Relief will include that context and its configuration (baseUrl, shim, etc ) when looking up modules. If it is not used, Relief will just delegate to RequireJS's regular context( _ ) and its config.


stub and inject register a stub to inject for a dependency when load is called.

You can call stub or inject with two arguments:

loader.stub( 'thingIWantToStub', sinon.stub() )

or, for convenience, only pass the first argument as an object for stubbing multiple dependencies at once:

    'jquery': someJqueryReplacement
  , 'backbone': someBackboneReplacement


Removes a stub from being loaded before load is called. Takes the same type of arguments as stub/inject


Creates a new instance of Relief by copying an instance of relief. It will copy the config and any stubs/actuals defined on the object.

var loader2 = relief.copy()


Relief will inject all of the stubs when you call load. You can use it like you would normally use the AMD format of requiring modules:

loader.load( ['dep1'], function( dep1, relief ) {
	// do your stuff here

The load functions always passes back the same instance of relief as the last argument. The relief object will give you access to the stubs, and any actuals Relief was able to find. You can use the stubs object to set up and tear down your mocks and spies.

Here's an example using Mocha as the test framework, Chai as the assertion framework, and Sinon/chai-sinon for stubbing:

loader.stub( 'jquery', sinon.stub() )
loader.load( [ 'somethingThatDepsOnJquery' ], function( thingBeingTested, _relief) {
  beforeEach( function() {
  it( 'creates some jQuery object', function() {
    expect( _relief.stubs.jquery ).to.have.been.calledWith( '#divThingy' )

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