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$ cnpm install redux-share 
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Share redux state across the network between multiple clients and server!


Here is the code to integrate the server side with express:


//start the socket server
var syncReduxServer = require('redux-share').server(store,server);

//bind redux server and express


The client a bit more complex, as your need to sync your state with the server upon connection.

var SyncReduxClient = require('redux-share').client;

var syncReduxClient = new SyncReduxClient('ws://localhost:2000');

//apply the middleware
store = createStore(reducer,applyMiddleware(syncReduxClient.getClientMiddleware()));

//open a socket to the server, then dump the state to the server

Example of a reducer on the server to handle client connection

function reducer(state = {} , action) { 
	if(action.type === "@@SYNC-CONNECT-SERVER-END") return action.state;

List of special actions (client)

  • @@SYNC-CONNECT-SERVER-START: called on the client to init state synchronization. This action will not be seen by the server.
  • @@SYNC-CONNECT-SERVER-END: called on the client after the connection is successful, with the state in the payload. This action is the first the server will see.

API Endpoints (server)

  • /redux/state: GET the state.
  • /redux/action: POST an action.

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