small composable HTTP requests for redux actions
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$ cnpm install redux-minifetch 
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small composable JSON HTTP requests for redux actions

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npm install redux-minifetch


Add the middleware to your store:

var minifetch = require('redux-minifetch').middleware

var middleware = applyMiddleware(
  minifetch({ baseUrl: '' })

var store = createStore(reducer, middleware)

Then return minifetch actions from your action creators:

var { post } = require('minifetch')
function doLogin () {
  return post('/auth/login', {
    email: '',
    password: 'qwerty123'

Middleware Options

  baseUrl: '',
  fetch: global.fetch,
  configure: (opts) => {
    opts.headers['X-CSRF'] = global._csrf_token
    return opts


The base URL for requests. Defaults to the current URL "directory", eg:

  • If the current page is, the baseUrl is
  • If the current page is, the baseUrl is

This should work pretty well for SPAs that don't do history-based routing but it's better to be explicit it anyway.


A fetch function. Defaults to the global fetch. You can use this to use unfetch or node-fetch or something.


A function to change the request options before they are passed to fetch. You can use this to set CSRF headers or authentication tokens for example. Return the changed options.


A function to extract the error data from a failed response. A response is failed when its status code is not 2xx (Response.ok). onError should return an Error instance or a Promise that resolves to an Error instance. The result of this function will be passed to the onError handlers on individual requests.

The default onError implementation returns new Error(response.statusText).


request(method, url, opts)

Create a new request. method is the HTTP method; url is the URL, which will be appended to the baseUrl option. opts can have:

  • opts.onStart() - An action creator that will be dispatched to the Redux store when the request is being sent.

  • opts.onComplete(response) - An action creator that will be dispatched to the Redux store when the request has completed. Receives the response JSON in the first parameter. The return value of dispatch(onComplete(response)) will be used as the resolution value of the request() Promise (see below).

  • opts.onError(error) - An action creator that will be dispatched to the Redux store when the request has errored. Receives the error object from fetch in the first parameter.

  • opts.qs - An object whose key/value pairs will be stringified and used as the query string. You can use a nested object and it will generate a query string like obj[nested]=value.

  • - An object with data that will be sent in the request body as JSON. Does nothing for GET requests.

When a request() is dispatched, it returns a Promise:

dispatch(request('get', '/me', {
  // assuming the API's response format is { data: [ user ] }
  onComplete: (response) => (dispatch, getState) => {
    var user =[0]
    dispatch({ type: 'USER_DATA', payload: user }) // Dispatch an action using `redux-thunk`
    return user // Return the user object.
})).then((user) => {

get(url, opts)

Shorthand to request('get', url, opts).

post(url, data, opts)

Shorthand to request('post', url, { data, ...opts }).

put(url, data, opts)

Shorthand to request('put', url, { data, ...opts }).

del(url, data, opts)

Shorthand to request('delete', url, { data, ...opts }).



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