Buffer redux actions until a breaker condition is met.
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Redux Action Buffer

A middleware for redux that buffers all actions into a queue until a breaker condition is met, at which point the queue is released (i.e. actions are triggered).

One potential use case for this is to buffer any actions that occur before you are finished initializing your app. For example in conjunction with redux-persist.


import createActionBuffer from 'redux-action-buffer'
let actionBuffer = createActionBuffer(
  (err, data) => {
    // callback fired immediately after releasing the buffer
    // data: { results: [actionReturnValue], queue: [rawAction] }

Redux Persist Example

In short:

createActionBuffer({ breaker: REHYDRATE, passthrough: [PERSIST] })

Full example:

import {REHYDRATE} from 'redux-persist/constants'
import createActionBuffer from 'redux-action-buffer'
import { createStore, compose } from 'redux'

let enhancer = compose(
    createActionBuffer(REHYDRATE) //make sure to apply this after redux-thunk et al.



Delaying actions can be tricky because many actions depend on having a return value, and buffering breaks that. To help catch this scenario the return value from all buffered actions is a string indicating the action has been buffered.


actionBuffer(options, callback)

  • options (string | function | object): Either a action type string that will break the buffer or a function that takes an action as the argument and returns true when the buffer should be broken. An object is interpreted as { breaker: (string | function), passthrough: (Array) } where breaker functions as before and passthrough is an array of actions not to buffer.
  • callback (function): A function that is invoked after the buffer is broken.

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