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$ cnpm install recursive-rename -g
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Recursive rename is a simple tool used to manipulate file names.

It can be used from the command line or NodeJS.



rename jsx js

Rename all .jsx files to .js in current directory. By default node_modules and .git are excluded from the crawl. This can be overridden and/or extended.

rename jsx js --dry

Adding the dry flag will return the files that would be changed.


Equivalent operations can be performed in Node

import Rename = 'recursive-rename'

const rename = new Rename({
  src: 'jsx',
  dest: 'js',


Add dry option to get insight on the renaming process without performing it

  dry: true,


yarn add recursive-rename


yarn global add recursive-rename

  • Global installation with expose the rename command

If you have not switched to yarn. Simply use npm

npm install recursive-rename

  • use -g flag for global installation


Comand Line

rename $SRC $DEST

$SRC will be the extensions that will be renamed to $DEST extension. These are required. If the path is not provided it will default to the current directory.

Optional flags

 --dry [if present the renaming will not occur, but a list of the changes that would occur are shown]
 --exclude [set to folder that should not be touched]
 --override [if present remove default excluded folders. These are .git and node_modules]
 --path [set to path of folder to rename if not targeting current directory]

Informational flags



Using babel

import Rename from 'recursive-rename'


const Rename = require('recursive-rename')


Create a new instance that will be used to traverse directory and perform renaming.

Options [object]
- src [string]: required
- dest [string]: required
- exclude [array]
- override [array]



Once instantiated rename has the dive method. This will perform the crawl based on the options supplied to Rename constructor.

Options [object]
- dry [bool] (if present renaming will not occur and output will be list of what would)

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