REST API for Recalbox
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$ cnpm install recalbox-api 
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Recalbox API

REST API for recalbox



Available formats

Format MIME type
text text/plain
json application/json
xml application/xml

To get a specific response format, you have to send the HTTP header Accept with a listed MIME type above.


On endpoints that return a collection, you can paginate the result with these queries :

name Type Default Description
page Integer 1 The page (start at 1)
count Integer 25 The amount of item to return
range String null The index range to return

The response returns the items with 2 headers :

  • Content-Range
  • Accept-Range


HTTP VERB Endpoint Description
GET PUT /configuration The main configuration
GET PUT /hostname The hostname
GET PUT /locale The locale
GET PUT /keyboardlayout The keyboard layout
GET PUT /timezone The timezone
GET PUT /updates/enabled Enable/disable the updates check at startup
GET /kodi Get Kodi settings
GET PUT /kodi/enabled Enable/disable Kodi
GET PUT /kodi/atstartup Start Kodi at launch
GET PUT /kodi/xbutton Set x button shortcut
GET /wifi Get wifi settings
GET PUT /wifi/enabled Enable/disable wifi
GET PUT /wifi/ssid Wifi SSID
GET PUT /wifi/key Wifi key
GET /audio Get audio settings
GET PUT /audio/device The audio device
GET PUT /audio/volume The volume
GET PUT /audio/bgmusic Enable/disable sounds in EmulationStation
GET /controllers/ps3 Get PS3 controllers settings
GET PUT /controllers/ps3/enabled Enable/disable PS3 controllers support
GET PUT /controllers/ps3/driver PS3 controllers driver
GET /controllers/xboxdrv Get xboxdrv driver settings
GET PUT /controllers/xboxdrv/enabled Enable/disable xboxdrv driver
GET PUT /controllers/xboxdrv/nbcontrols The amount of controllers to use with xboxdrv
GET /controllers/gpio Get GPIO settings
GET PUT /controllers/gpio/enabled Enable/disable controllers on GPIO
GET PUT /controllers/gpio/args mk_gpio arguments
GET /controllers/db9 Get DB9 driver settings
GET PUT /controllers/db9/enabled Enable/disable DB9 driver
GET PUT /controllers/db9/args DB9 driver arguments
GET /controllers/gamecon Get gamecon driver settings
GET PUT /controllers/gamecon/enabled Enable/disable gamecon driver
GET PUT /controllers/gamecon/args Gamecon driver arguments
GET POST /bios The bios list for all systems
GET DELETE /bios/:fileName The BIOS file
GET /bios/metadata/:fileName The file information
GET /systems The system list
GET /systems/default The default system settings
GET PUT /systems/default/videomode The default resolution
GET PUT /systems/default/shaders The default shaders
GET PUT /systems/default/ratio The default ratio
GET PUT /systems/default/smooth The default smooth value
GET PUT /systems/default/rewind The default rewind value
GET /systems/:id The settings of the specified system
GET PUT /systems/:id/videomode The game resolution of the specified system
GET PUT /systems/:id/shaders The shaders of the specified system
GET PUT /systems/:id/ratio The ratio of the specified system
GET PUT /systems/:id/smooth Enable/disable the smooth of the specified system
GET PUT /systems/:id/rewind Enable/disable the rewind of the specified system
GET PUT /systems/:id/core The core of the specified system
GET PUT /systems/:id/emulator The emulator of the specified system
GET POST /systems/:id/roms The game list of the specified system
GET DELETE /systems/:id/roms/:game The game file
GET /systems/:id/roms/metadata/:game The game informations


curl --header "Accept: application/xml"
curl -X PUT -d "1"
curl --header "Accept: application/json" ""
curl --head ""
curl ""
curl -X POST -F 'file=@SCPH5502.BIN' ""
curl -X DELETE -I ""

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