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$ cnpm install react-resumable-uploader 
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React resumable uploader


This uploader is focused on uploading large files with the possibility of renewable download. This library is explicitly designed for modern browsers that support IndexedDB, FileReader API and Web Workers API. The upload of files occurs through the WebSocket and for this task the socket.IO library is used inside.


npm install react-resumable-uploader -S

To start

You need to import two components:

First component.

import { UploaderProvider } from  'react-resumable-uploader';

This component is the root one and it should be wrapped in a component that provides the OnProgress OnError methods. This is done so that you can use any tool to manage the state (Redux or Mobx).

This example uses Mobx :

import { UploaderProvider } from  'react-file-uploader';

@inject("uploaderStore", "messagesStore")
class  UploaderWrapper  extends  Component {
  onProgress  = (filesState) => {
    const { setChangedState } =  this.props.uploaderStore;

  onError  = (error) => {
    const { setMessage } =  this.props.messagesStore;

  complete  = (file) => {
    //to do some action

  render() {
    return (
        {...this.props} //childrens and params

Then put it in the root of your application.
For example:

class  App  extends  Component {
 render() {
   const  params  = {
     chunkSize:  5  *  1024  *  1024,
     maxConnectionAttempts:  5,
     fileThrottle:  300,
     mainThrottle:  300,
     url:  'ws://{hostname}/{endpoint}',
     events: {
       GET_LAST_CHUNK: 'get-last-chunk',
       SEND_NEXT_CHUNK: 'send-next-chunk',
       SEND_NEXT_CHUNK_SUCCESS: 'send-next-chunk-successful',
       SEND_FILE_SUCCESS: 'send-file-successful',
       CANCEL_UPLOAD: 'cancel-upload',
       SEND_CHUNK_AGAIN: 'send-chunk-again',
       ERROR: 'error',
   return (
     <UploaderWrapper  params={params}>
       <div  className="App">

Second component.

import { uploaderContext } from  'react-resumable-uploader';

This component is a higher-order component (HOC) that provides methods submit(files), pause(fileId), resume(fileId), stop(fileId). It can be used anywhere in the application.
For example: If You use babel-plugin-transform-decorators-legacy

import { uploaderContext } from  'react-resumable-uploader';

class  UploadManager  extends  Component {
  stop  = (fileId) => {
    return  this.props.stop(fileId);
  pause  = (fileId) => {
    return  this.props.pause(fileId);
  resume  = (fileId) => {
    return  this.props.resume(fileId);

  render() {}

export  default  UploadManager;

or if you do not use decorators

export  default uploaderContext(UploadManager);


Let's start with a description of the methods provided by the uploaderContext component:

Method Parameters
stop fileId<string> Returns a boolean value if the action was successful
pause fileId<string> Returns a boolean value if the action was successful
resume fileId<string> Returns a boolean value if the action was successful
submit Array<File>, url<string>

Parameters for UploaderProvider component:


Parameter Type Arguments
onProgress - provides progress of file upload function Array<FileObject> --see below
onError function errorObject
complete function <FileObject> --see below

Object params

Key Type Description
chunkSize byte number for example - 5 * 1024 * 1024
maxConnectionAttempts number
fileThrottle number<ms> to update the status of a single file
mainThrottle number<ms> to update the status of all files
url string 'ws://{hostname}/{endpoint}' Will be used for all files. Also you can pass URL for each file in the submit method
events object Contains event names used to communicate using the web socket (are described below)
events.GET_LAST_CHUNK eventName<string> .emit() and .on()<number> sends an object of the form {id: "fileId"} Accepts data of type last chunk<number>
events.SEND_NEXT_CHUNK eventName<string> .emit() file chunk<object> Sends data of type <PostData> --see below
events.SEND_NEXT_CHUNK_SUCCESS eventName<string> .on() sends the next piece on this event
events.SEND_FILE_SUCCESS eventName<string> .on() Delete the file from the IndexDB on this event
events.CANCEL_UPLOAD eventName<string> .emit() Sends fileId<string>. Notifies when the upload stops
events.SEND_CHUNK_AGAIN eventName<string> .on() Starts the upload from the last successful piece
events.ERROR eventName<string> .on() Accepts any errors from the server and calls onError callback

<PostData> interface (Dispatched to the server)

Key Type Description
chunk <ArrayBuffer>
fileId <string>
chunkNum current chunk<number>
chunkSize byteLength<number>
type file type<string>
name file name<string>
isFinal <boolean> When the last chunk is sent it's true

<FileObject> interface (Passed to onProgress callback function)

Key Type Description
progress percent
fileId <string>
size file size<byte number>
name file name<string>
type file type<string>
passedBytes byte number
currentChunk number
isFinal <boolean>


import {getFileSize, getFileName, getFileFormat} from 'react-resumable-uploader';

getFileSize(bytes) - translate bytes in a human-readable form;
getFileName(name|string) - translate name in a human-readable form;
getFileFormat(name|string) - returns file extension;



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