React wrapper for Pure buttons
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react-pure-button - React wrapper for Pure buttons

react-pure-button provides wrapper for Pure button elements making it easy to use Pure buttons using React.


var Button = require('react-pure-button');
<Button disabled={true}>Disable</Button>
<Button active={true}>Running</Button>
<Button primary={true}>OK</Button>
<Button><i class="fa fa-shopping-cart fa-lg"></i> Checkout</Button>

You can attach attributes to each component as usual. className won't override default Pure class so you can customize that. If you want icons, just pass the element referring to it within a Button.


  • Linting - npm run lint
  • Testing - npm test - This will lint too.
  • Developing - npm start - This will run a server at localhost:3000 and use Hot Module Reloading.
  • Demo deployment - npm run gh-pages and npm run deploy-gh-pages - Demo will contain by default and comes with simple styling based on Pure.


react-pure-button is available under MIT. See LICENSE for more details.

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