React Native wrapper for node-onvif library
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$ cnpm install react-native-onvif 
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React Native wrapper for node-onvif library

  1. Install and shim
npm i --save react-native-onvif
# install peer deps
npm i --save react-native-randombytes
react-native link react-native-randombytes
npm i --save react-native-udp
react-native link react-native-udp
# install node core shims and recursively hack package.json files
# in ./node_modules to add/update the "browser"/"react-native" field with relevant mappings
./node_modules/.bin/rn-nodeify --hack --install
# if using yarn:
./node_modules/.bin/rn-nodeify --hack --install --yarn
  1. rn-nodeify will create a shim.js in the project root directory.

Manually uncomment the line to require('crypto') in shim.js, this is because as of react-native 0.49, dynamically requiring a library is no longer allowed.

// index.js
// make sure you use `import` and not `require`!
import './shim.js'
// ...the rest of your code

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