Swipable month selector in react native
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$ cnpm install react-native-month-selector 
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This package lets you select months. It also allows you to use swipe gestures to navigate between pages.


npm install react-native-month-selector --save
yarn add react-native-month-selector


Params Type Default Description
selectedDate moment.Moment (a valid moment.js instance) moment() currently highlighted / selected month
currentDate moment.Moment moment() today's date
maxDate moment.Moment moment() the maximum date than can be shown
minimumDate moment.Moment moment("01-01-2000", "DD-MM-YYYY") the mimimum date than can be shown
selectedBackgroundColor string "#000" the color of the highlight for the seleced month
selectedMonthTextStyle TextStyle { color: "#fff" } text style for the selected month
seperatorHeight number 1 height of the separators
seperatorColor string "#b6c3cb" color of the separators
nextIcon JSX.Element null custom react component for the next button
prevIcon JSX.Element null custom react component for the prev button
nextText string "Next" custom text for the next button
prevText string "Prev" custom text for the prev button
containerStyle ViewStyle null custom style for the container
yearTextStyle TextStyle null custom style for the year text
monthTextStyle TextStyle null custom style of the text for the months
currentMonthTextStyle TextStyle null custom style for the current month text
initialView moment.Moment moment() which month should be selected initially
onMonthTapped (month: moment.Moment) => any (month) => {} function called when month is pressed
onYearChanged (year: moment.Moment) => any (year) => {} function called when the year is changed (when we navigate pages)
monthDisabledStyle TextStyle { color: "#00000050" } text style for disabled months
localeLanguage string "en" specify the localization language for moment.js
localeSettings moment.LocaleSpecification {} to update the moment.js localization settings
swipable boolean false enables swiping between pages
velocityThreshold number 0.3 Velocity that has to be breached in order for swipe to be triggered (vx and vy properties of gestureState)
directionalOffsetThreshold number 80 Absolute offset that shouldn't be breached for swipe to be triggered (dy for horizontal swipe, dx for vertical swipe)
gestureIsClickThreshold number 5 Absolute distance that should be breached for the gesture to not be considered a click (dx or dy properties of gestureState)

Sample Usage

  <View style={styles.container}>
      <Text style={styles.welcome}>
        Selected Month is { this.state.month && this.state.month.format('MMM YYYY')}
          monthTapped={(date) => this.setState({ month: date })}

Month Calendar

I'm open to keep this updated. Please open PRs!


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