An experiment in using stackGL in a [react-map-gl]( overlay.
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$ cnpm install react-map-gl-stack-gl-overlay-example 
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An experiment in using stackGL in a react-map-gl overlay.

See a live demo on gh-pages

This demo uses data from


    render: function render() {
      return <MapGL ...viewportProps>
          locations={locations} />

See example/main.js for a full example

Passing Tile Coordinates to GPU

This has evolved into a larger experiment in passing projected tile coordinates directly to the GPU as a performance optimization. It represents each tile coordinate as a double using two float values and uses the double-float functions from Andrew Thall's Extended-Precision Floating-Point Numbers for GPU Computation.

See also:

  1. Improving precision in your vertex transform
  2. Double Precision in OpenGL and WebGL
  3. Heavy computing with GLSL – Part 2: Emulated double precision

To install

npm install

To run

npm run start

This will start a budo server running on localhost:9966.

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