Lint react-intl messages used in your React components.
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$ cnpm install react-intl-messages-linter 
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yarn add --dev react-intl-messages-linter


lint-react-intl-messages [options] path

Command line options/flags

-q, --quiet [true]          Report errors only   
-i, --ignore                Pattern of files to ignore
--webpack                   Path to webpack config


Note that this tool was made to help you spotting missing messages. It does not aim to replace proper unit/integrations tests you should have in most (if not all) cases. There are a couple of caveats and it may be unable to detect missing messages under unsupported circumstances or report a false positive.

Assumptions and caveats

  • Names of import specifiers must match the following regexp /[az]*messages$/i
  • Path of message imports must match /.*/[a-z-]*messages(?:.js)?$/i
  • Reasonable shadowing
  • Computed messages are not supported well... just yet
  • Messages with circular (imported) dependencies are not supported


  • add some documentation :D
  • get rid of as many of above caveats as possible
  • make unsafe usages more robust and reliable
  • add feature to ignore files



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